Devi Leiper O'Malley

Devi works in social justice and philanthropy, supporting funders and feminists to redistribute resources. Most recently she was co-executive director of FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund and currently serves on the executive committee of the Urgent Action Fund for Women Human Rights Defenders in Asia and the Pacific.

She has previously worked for the Global Fund for Women and currently consults with Prospera International Network for Women’s Funds and Women’s Fund Asia. Devi’s work is underpinned by her work with smaller identity-based communities. She co-founded the Devata Giving Circle, the first Cambodian-American giving circle and accompanied the formation of Uganda’s first sex-worker led collective, WONETHA. After leading and growing institutions, Devi is focusing more of her energy on creative processes for social change and storytelling for different stakeholders in feminist movements. She is an aspiring digital collage artist.