Building Anti-Racist Practice for CEOs: Peer-Learning Cohorts

In 2021, we are offering two peer-learning cohorts specifically for CEOs of Bond member organisations.

These cohorts will be smaller groups of 8-12 people in which all participants will make a commitment to join five sessions over the course of the next ten months. This is an opportunity to be part of an intentional peer-learning space on building anti-racist practices facilitated and held by Lena Bheeroo and Mary Ann Clements.

In the first session we will spend some time building a shared understanding of the intentions for the group and thereafter we will use an adapted action learning model which will enable each CEO to bring challenges and questions that relate to building an anti-racist practice within their organisation to the group for exploration and discussion. Joining this group is a deliberate commitment to building anti-racist practice both by reflecting on and strengthening your own practice and by learning from your peers.

Each participant will get:

  • an opportunity to work with and receive support on some of the specific challenges they are facing in relation to anti-racism in their organisation
  • the benefit of working with peers and learning from their experiences also
  • the chance to explore and challenge their own practice over the rest of 2021
  • tools and ideas to take back and work with within their own organisation.


  • Thursday 2nd September 12-pm
  • Thursday 7th October 12-2pm
  • Thursday 18th November 12-2pm
  • Thursday 9th Dec 12-2pm

Please note, participants interested in joining a cohort must first have attended a webinar on Getting comfortable talking about racism.