Responsible fundraising series

In late 2021, Bond hosted an exploratory discussion with INGOs and their partners on how organisations can fundraise more responsibly which highlighted the challenges that organisations face as they transform how they fundraise.

There was clearly demand for the subject area and so off the back of this successful session, we have decided to run a series of webinars to delve into the discussion in more detail.

This is a curated learning journey with limited spaces available in order to enable meaningful discussions. There are 50 spaces available; 25 for those based in lower- and middle-income countries and 25 for those based in higher income countries so that we can have an inclusive conversation. See the criteria below. The deadline to apply is Wednesday 20 April.

Series outline

Session 1: Time to level the funding playing field for local partners? (Wednesday 27 April 10am – 12pm BST)

INGOs are often the go-between for funders and local partners. This can lead to unequal power dynamics between INGOs and local organisations which prevent long-term, sustainable change. Can INGOs work together to create a more equitable relationship between INGOs and local organisations when it comes to funding, without waiting for donors to change their approach to community-led development? Yes, they can.

Session 2: What is fundraising like for local civil society? (Thursday 26 May 10am – 12pm BST)

In this session we will hear the experiences of civil society actors from when they fundraise with INGOs. You will have the opportunity to discuss what we can all do to improve fundraising so that it is a fairer and more equal process.

Session 3: Putting communities in the driving seat of successful fundraising (Thursday 23 June 10am – 12pm BST)

When donors, INGOs and local partners work together in equitable partnership we are better able to support marginalised communities. It’s the same when it comes to fundraising; better fundraising materials, better proposals, better programmes and lasting change for communities. We will hear from organisations that have trialled new ways of fundraising, putting communities in charge, with successful results. Find out how they have made this change, and how you can do the same.

Session 4: Becoming a responsible fundraiser: moving from workshops to action (Thursday 21 July 10am – 12pm BST)

Through the previous three sessions, Bond has been bringing together local organisations and INGOs to think through how we can improve fundraising so that it is a fairer and more equal process. But how do we move from conversations to action? In this final event in Bond’s responsible fundraising series we will review what we’ve learnt, and discuss the changes that we need to make to our fundraising.

Criteria for joining

  • Participants will be required to attend all four sessions so that they can go through the journey together.
  • You must work in fundraising or programme design.
  • You must be actively engaged in how to shift power to communities.

You can apply for this learning journey below – the application deadline is 20 April.


Prices are to attend all four sessions in the series:

  • Bond members: £75 (for attending all 4 sessions)
  • Participants from lower and middle income countries: £25 (for attending all 4 sessions)
  • Non-members: £95 (for attending all 4 sessions)

Apply here

If you are successful in obtaining one of the 50 places available, we will send you a link for the payment. All payments must be received before the first session.