Dr Natasha Lelijveld

Senior Nutritionist

Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN)

Natasha is an ENN Senior Nutritionist working on the topics of adolescent nutrition, concurrent wasting and stunting (WaSt) in children, and Management of small & nutritionally At-risk Infants under six months & their mothers (MAMI). She co-chairs the Global Adolescent Nutrition Network (GANN) and the GNC technical alliance working group on wasting.

Natasha comes from a research background, having previously working on nutrition research projects at University College London, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto, and the University of Southampton. Besides academia, Natasha has also spent time working in policy-steering positions such as with the No Wasted Lives initiative, supporting operational research in Malawi, Bangladesh, South Sudan, Kenya, and Mali.