Alice Barley and Vicky Ferguson

Chance for Childhood

Alice is the Head of Fundraising and Communications at Chance for Childhood and joined in November 2019. With a particular focus on small-medium charities, Alice has over 11 years of experience in fundraising across multiple different income streams and diversifying income, and takes a strong donor-centric approach

Vicky is the Head of Safeguarding, Training and Learning at Chance for Childhood. Previously Vicky was the CEO of Glad’s House which merged with Chance for Childhood in 2020. Before moving into International Development, Vicky worked with children and young people in the UK from 2005 – 2013 in both the third and public sectors, predominantly within Homeless and Substance Misuse Services. Vicky is passionate about developing safeguarding practices, procedures and policies that keep everyone safer and are contextually and culturally relevant to those implementing them.