Financial trends for UK-based INGOs

An analysis of Bond members’ income between 2006 and 2016

8 October 2018Bond

55% of Bond members identified diversifying income and becoming financially sustainable as their biggest long-term challenge in Bond’s annual survey in November 2017.

To help our members tackle this challenge, we analysed the income profiles of 305 international NGOs based in the UK to highlight trends in their growth or decline in income over ten years.

We want to enable organisations to better navigate these trends and design income strategies to develop sustainable financial models. This report follows on from our previous research in 2016 on funding trends for UK-based INGOs from 2006 to 2014.

Key stats

£3.891bn – Total income in the sector: (2015-2016)

+59% – increase in international development income in 10 years compared to 10% increase in overall UK charity sector income.

Funding goes to 305 International NGOs. A third goes to 8, another third goes to 17, and the final third is shared between 280.

Funding sources:

  • 31% Individual giving
  • 14% Government grants
  • 19% Government contracts
  • 3% Earned charitable
  • 7% Earned fundraising
  • 8% Corporate
  • 17% Voluntary sector
  • 1% Investments

Key trends

  • Funding for the international development sector is increasing.
  • Government grants and contracts are still strong sources of income.
  • Success in fundraising depends on organisation size.
  • Alternative business models are an opportunity for all.
  • Innovation is important for income.

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