Bond Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Group recommendations for commitments at the 2023 SDG Summit

26 July 2023Bond SDG Group



Bond’s SDG Working Group has developed these recommendations for accelerating the UK’s progress in actioning its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reflecting on the Guidance Notes for States.

The upcoming 2023 SDG Summit in September provides an important opportunity for the UK Government to take a transformative approach and play an influential role in advancing the 2030 agenda.

Even before Covid-19, achieving the transformative potential of the SDGs was a huge challenge, but the events of the past few years mean we need to redouble our efforts. In an era of instability, the SDGs provide us with a framework to build resilience and address the interconnected crises of climate change, Covid-19, conflicts, poverty and inequality, whilst leaving no one behind.

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