Adapting your organisation in uncertain times

30 June 2020Bond and MZN International

This webinar recording looks at what organisations can do instead of restructuring, while still delivering on their commitments.

You’ll hear experts discuss how NGOs have adapted to remote working in this time of change, and if this could be the new future of NGOs.

This session features experts from development consultancy firm MzN International.

You will hear:

  • What a remote working organisation looks like and if you need this model
  • What parts of your organsiation and work you should be prioritising during Covid-19
  • What parts of your organisation and work you will need to prioritise after Covid-19
  • Innovations in non-profit finance
  • Tools and ideas on how remote working NGOs can run a platform service for impactful delivery

The webinar is especially relevant to CEOs, COOs and those responsible for organisational strategy and financial planning.

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