Clements Worldwide

As a proud partner of Bond, we fully support its mission to connect and strengthen the ties between NGOs, charities and those that help them to drive global change. By truly understanding the unique risks inherent to NGOs, we ensure we are suitably prepared to provide the protection needed. Clements Worldwide is committed to helping international organisations protect what matters most. Offering a suite of solutions to protect both business assets and employees, we are here to ensure you can focus on the mission at hand, safe in the knowledge your insurance requirements are taken care of. From Group Health to Vehicle Fleet, Liability to Cyber, with Clements you are in safe hands. 

By leveraging our 75 years of experience, we can provide exceptional coverage for global organisations and non profits no matter where they are heading. NGOs and charities can often operate under constrained financial resources, which means unanticipated costs can be especially detrimental. Our consultative approach ensures that risk management and insurance needs are addressed with customized coverage, even in high-risk areas. We also understand that NGOs often work in harm's way to help at-risk populations around the world. That is why we analyse the best options for your NGO or non-profit and can help develop your management strategy as well as emergency contingency plans for any risk type. 

Clements is dedicated to find the best insurance solutions that give your organisation peace of mind as it works towards its crucial mission.