Working in partnership: round table event

28 July 2021Christian Aid

This event aimed to share valuable top-line learnings around working in partnership and about managing long term change with local and national NGOs with other partnership-based INGOs and our role as global actors within national processes of change.

The panel discussion involved:

Presenting and inviting feedback on Christian Aid’s learning and key recommendations for how we can best work with, support and shift power to southern partners, through brokering new partnerships and building capacity, including to respond to humanitarian disasters


Speakers in the session were:

  • Suzanne Fisher-Murray, Research Communications Adviser at Christian Aid
  • Kate Newman, Head of the Programme Policy, Research and Learning team at Christian Aid
  • Ashley Green-Thompson, Coordinator of ACT Ubumbano
  • Raman Kumar, Partnership Manager, Oxfam in Iraq
  • Grace Ireri, Local Humanitarian Partnerships Advisor, ActionAid International
  • Shahd Mousalli, Partnership Broker (Rights, Resilience, Response), Oxfam GB (part of the panel discussion).

Short presentations were followed by moderator-curated questions directed to the panellists:

  1. How could INGOs improve the way they work in partnership with local and national organisations, in order to ensure that we are building capacity, skills, long-term financial sustainability and to ensure these partnerships are mutual and transformational?
  2. How do we make localisation and global action meaningful in different contexts, when national civil society has different needs and roles for INGOs? This includes working with faith-based partners who often play an important role within civil society.
  3. How do we transfer learning strategies across contexts? To what extent and in which ways can we draw on learning from country programmes and apply them to remaining contexts? What do we need to understand and know to enable this?

Please see the Christian Aid leaving and learning briefing which summarises learning from the six in-depth country reports and key principles that underpin their approach to partnership and guide their ability to adapt as contexts change.

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