Safeguarding report-handling toolkit

20 core elements: a toolkit to strengthen safeguarding report-handling

31 July 2020Bond

This toolkit provides principles and a description of the core elements of a safeguarding report-handling mechanism.

The elements and principles described in the toolkit can help you to evaluate the safeguarding reporting-handling mechanism you have to identify strengths, weaknesses, or gaps. Well-functioning safeguarding report-handling mechanisms will prevent as well as respond to concerns and incidents because they:

  • Increase awareness of safeguarding policies.
  • Log concerns for early detection of harm caused by staff, operations, and programmes.
  • Demonstrate organisational commitment.
  • Increase awareness of how concerns, incidents, and reports are handled.
  • Reduce impunity.
  • Rapidly respond to stop any further harm.

The toolkit also includes a set of symbols to help you to visually represent the safeguarding report-handling mechanism you have in place in the form of a flowchart. Using pictures and diagrams instead of text makes a flowchart understandable and accessible to the communities who will use it. It enables:

  • People sharing concerns or incidents to be clearer about how any issues they raise will be handled.
  • People involved in processing concerns or incidents to know their role in the overall mechanism.

There is also a set of case studies and definitions, which can be used to support learning and safeguarding implementation in conjunction with the toolkit. You can also download Symbols [PNGs in zip file].

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