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Safeguarding guidance, resources and tools

17 August 2018Bond

This page provides information on what safeguarding is and how it applies to the sector, as well as the tools, resources, and templates to help improve your safeguarding policies and practices.

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is the responsibility of organisations to make sure their staff, operations, and programmes do no harm to children and adults at-risk nor expose them to abuse or exploitation. It is becoming good practice to think about how we safeguard everyone in our organisations at all times, including protecting staff from harm and inappropriate behaviour such as bullying and harassment.

Who does it apply to?

Everyone connected to your organisation should know how to keep children, adults at-risk, and staff safe. There should be learning opportunities to consistently develop and maintain the necessary measures, attitudes, skills, and knowledge amongst staff, partners, and all those that contribute to your organisation’s work. The communities you work with should understand your commitments to safeguarding and what to do if concerns arise.

Policy templates

We’ve developed policy templates which you can download, edit and use to develop your own policies. These look at safeguarding, the code of conduct, handling reports and complaints, and disclosing organisational malpractice (whistleblowing).

Raising a concern

Your employer should have policies and procedures for those who wish to report wrongdoing, but you can report a concern to them even if they don’t. If you don’t want to tell your employer, you are protected by UK law and can report a concern anonymously or confidentially to the Charity Commission directly.

Specialist training providers for safeguarding

Find out what training and consultancy support is available for addressing safeguarding and sexual exploitation and abuse in the development and humanitarian sectors.

In-country safeguarding and survivor support services

Bond is working with Safeguarding Group members to collate and signpost guidance and resources on in-country safeguarding and survivor-support services on a dedicated webpage. If you are a Bond member and would like access to this, please contact Andrew May ([email protected]).

Regulators’ requirements for safeguarding

Find out more about the safeguarding requirements set by the Charity Commission and DFID’s guidance on enhanced due diligence.

Further resources

Below is a selection of existing resources and standards to help organisations prevent sexual exploitation and abuse. If there are other resources you think we should include, please contact us.