Monitoring and Evaluation training toolkit

Zambia Governance Foundation (ZGF)

A range of practical tools that can easily be adapted for monitoring and evaluation by small and medium-sized organisations.

They can also be used for training sessions or for staff and partners just wanting ideas on templates to support the monitoring and evaluation of advocacy and influencing work.

Tools include: Tool 1: Key questions to ask during planning and monitoring (p.3), Tool 2: A framework for understanding the focus and objectives of policy influencing work (p.8), Tool 4: Evidence of change checklist (p.13) , Tool 12: Questions to guide reviews and evaluations (p.27) , Tool 14: A sample agenda for a monthly/quarterly review and planning session (p.32)., The tools in the booklet were designed for a monitoring and evaluation of policy influencing training with civil society grant partners in Zambia. Other resources include a participants guide and facilitator’s guide.

Skills and resources required: Some understanding of civil society advocacy and influencing work to be able to adapt the tools to a specific context. Some basic facilitation skills and, ideally, familiarity in participatory tools.

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