M&E Universe

31 May 2019INTRAC

This is a free online resource created to support development practitioners involved in monitoring and evaluation (M&E).

It consists of a series of short papers (2-6 pages) on different subjects related to M&E that can be explored through an online platform.

The M&E Universe is designed for practitioners with different levels of experience and expertise, from those new to M&E who want an entry level into the subject to experienced practitioners wanting to broaden their knowledge.

The M&E Universe is divided into discrete areas of interest:

  • Planning M&E: Planning is at the heart of the universe and provides an entry point for those who are relatively new to the world of M&E.
  • Data collection: This section covers basic data collection methods such as interviews, focus group discussions, observation, as well as related issues such as sampling and the use of ICT in data collection.
  • Complex methods of data collection and analysis: More complex methods used to collect and analyse data, such as: contribution analysis, most significant change, experimental methods, organisational assessment tools, qualitative comparative analysis and others.
  • Data analysis: Methods and approaches for analysing M&E data, including both quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Data use: This section deals with the different uses of M&E information, including learning, accountability, management and communications, and advice on how these uses affect the design of M&E systems.
  • M&E functions: This section covers monitoring, evaluation, reviews, impact assessments and research, and explains how these interrelate; the evaluation section contains sub-sections on the different kinds of evaluations commonly in use.

You can read more about the thinking behind the M&E Universe here. Or use the link below to go directly to the resource.

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