Managing foreign exchange in a volatile market

6 December 2022Bond and StoneX



With increased volatility in the currency markets over recent months, foreign exchange has become increasingly difficult for organisations to manage. As the value of GBP has tumbled, there is widespread concern about how organisations can continue to fund programmes. Everyone is looking for ways of managing this volatility.

Bond teamed up with its FX partner, StoneX Financial Ltd, and explored some of the approaches that organisations can adopt to minimise their financial exposure.

In this session, we looked at the pros and cons of sending local currency versus using GBP, in terms of delivery, cost effectiveness and transparency. We also explored ways in which volatility can be managed from a budgetary perspective, taking into consideration market forecasts on the direction of GBP, as well as ways in which you can think about budgeting in a wildly fluctuating market.

You can access the StoneX presentation slides here.