Governance: a guide for international NGOs

Providing tailored, practical and pertinent advice on the application of charity governance to trustees of international NGOs

28 July 2022Buzzacott and Bond

In the current context, where NGOs are increasingly challenged about their legitimacy and their position in the development ecosystem, the trustee role and the question “what does good governance look like?” has never been more complex.

How does a board support organisational transformation, set appropriate, visible examples, lead on culture, and rethink its business models to ensure that it “does no harm”? This guide is intended to go some way to help you address these issues and assess your approach to governance in an increasingly challenging and complex external environment.

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The governance guide outlines the current pressures and expectations placed on trustees of international development and humanitarian organisations, and highlights some of the unique challenges they face. To continue this conversation, Bond and Buzzacott have established a private online forum for trustees of international NGOs to share learnings, discuss concerns and hear from governance experts. There will also be quarterly meetings focusing on areas of common concern.

Contact for more details and to sign up. Please include your contact details and the name of the INGO you are a trustee of.

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