Global Food Security Summit policy brief: Building effective global food security

3 November 2023Bond

This policy briefing provides recommendations from UK INGOs to the UK government ahead of the Global Food Security Summit in London on the 20th of November 2023.

The briefing covers:

  • New approaches to ending preventable deaths of children
  • Science and technology to accelerate progress towards food security and nutrition
  • Anticipating and preventing famine and food security crises
  • Building a climate-resilient and sustainable food system

Toplines from the briefing:

  • There needs to be greater policy coherence strengthening the nexus between humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding efforts, investing in long-term efforts focusing on strengthening food systems, building resilience, and supporting the most at risk and marginalised.
  • Inclusivity should be considered throughout the event and its outcomes, including how best to support and reach marginalised groups, including women and girls, children, and young people (half of the world’s 345 million people facing acute food insecurity are children), older people (especially those who act as carers or children), people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ communities, ethnic minorities that face discrimination and others.
  • Women and girls’ nutrition needs should be considered as a priority in policies that shape food systems and behaviours, which must consider how women and girls experience the effects of climate change on nutrition.

Organisations that have contributed to this briefing include:

Action Against Hunger, Bond, Christian Aid, Concern Worldwide UK, Fairtrade Foundation, HelpAge, International Rescue Committee UK, MAG (Mines Advisory Group), Mercy Corps, Oxfam GB, Plan International UK, Save the Children UK, Transform Trade, WWF-UK.

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