Bond statement in response to reports that the Department for International Development is to remain an independent department

Stephanie Draper, CEO of Bond the UK network for NGOs said:

“The reports that DFID is to remain an independent department are welcome news and mean we can get on with the important job of ensuring that every penny of UK aid goes towards helping people facing the devastating consequences of poverty, conflict and climate change.

The UK has an opportunity to continue to be a major force for good in the world by showing real global leadership on health, education, sustainability and equality as we enter the decade of delivery for the Sustainable Development Goals.”

1. The Daily Mail last night reported that the government has dropped plans to merge DFID with the FCO:
2. Over 100 charities from across the UK called on the UK government to reconsider plans to merge DFID with FCO and keep the department’s Secretary of State to deliver on Conservative party manifesto pledges on aid and development after the general election:
3. Bond is the UK network for organisations working in international development. Bond unites and supports a diverse network of over 400 civil society organisations from across the UK, and allies to help eradicate global poverty, inequality and injustice.
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