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Sabina Basi

Director of funding, communications & transformative partnerships


Sabina Basi joined ADD in April 2022. She describes herself as an intersectional feminist and anti-racism activist who is driven by an ancestral mission for social justice. Her career in international development spans a decade, including two years living and working in Uganda. Her core expertise is leading fundraising teams to deliver successful institutional funding, programme development and strategic partnership strategies.

Having worked at Restless Development for 8.5 years, she has a deep understanding of youth leadership, meaningful youth engagement and youth-led programmes focussing on research, advocacy, sexual and reproductive health and rights and livelihoods. Sabina is also the co-chair of the Changing Donor Policy & Practice working group which is a leading a sector-wide initiative to influence donors to better resource locally-led development & organisations based in the Global South.

She is active in the decolonising development and anti-racism debates and is passionate about rethinking & shifting traditional international development practices towards a more equitable approach. As such, Sabina’s leadership and funding & partnerships efforts take on a justice & equity lens, to ensure that power is redistributed to activists and organisations in the South.