Eshe Kiama Zuri


UK Mutual Aid

Eshe Kiama Zuri (they/them) is a 26 year old uneducated Black non-binary disabled grassroots activist and all round big mouth.

Working outside the ‘third sector’, Eshe is the founder of UK Mutual Aid, the Black-run and activist-forward intersectional support network for marginalised people. UK Mutual Aid has been running since 2018, with over 2,300 members and facilitates financial and non-financial support. From this journey, Eshe created the term ‘full spectrum community care’. This is a concept that not just speaks on, but actively shows, the importance for building communities from the bottom up and tearing down and replacing saviourism and oppressive structures with practical, supportive and sustainable alternatives that prioritise marginalised communities.

Eshe is also a doula, providing free and low cost emergency and postnatal support for marginalised people and recently started as a training facilitator for Sheffield Maternity Cooperative at the only cultural competency and safety training in the UK that is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. They couple their doula knowledge with their animal-cruelty-free chef experience they’ve built up from running their catering business Yemoja Foods since the age of 19, and now provide food doula packages as well as event catering.

Alongside this Eshe works in radical grassroots spaces, on projects such as Parole Support Network and is currently setting up another community food project in their local area with a fellow Caribbean chef.
Eshe has spoken at universities, orgs and charities and written for books, articles and research, but they strongly believe that most of their time needs to go into getting stuff done.

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