Dr. Nojus Saad

Dr. Nojus Saad

Youth for Women Foundation

Dr. Nojus Saad is a pioneering figure in the intersection of healthcare, technology, and
entrepreneurship, boasting over 8 years of multidisciplinary expertise with a focus on AI,
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), and digital health innovation.

As President & CEO of the Youth For Women Foundation, he has positively impacted the
lives of over 5900+ women and children in 65 rural, refugee, and underserved communities
across Iraq, India, and France. Rooted in his upbringing in rural Iraq, where access to basic
digital and healthcare services was lacking, Nojus is passionately committed to
revolutionizing healthcare through innovative HealthTech solutions.

An influential voice in global health governance, Dr. Nojus serves as Vice Chair of PMNCH
at the World Health Organization, shaping global healthcare policies on prominent UN
platforms. He also contributes as a MedTech researcher at the Lancet and Financial Time’s
Commission, where he plays a pivotal role in cutting-edge research and innovation in AI and
IoMT solutions.

Beyond his contributions to healthcare, Dr. Saad is a fervent advocate for diplomacy and
regional peace. He champions human rights and advises the UNODA on global digital health
strategies as the United Nations Champion for Disarmament. Leveraging his expertise, he is
also driving innovation in global health systems with leading European stakeholders at the
Karolinska Institute and the Stockholm School of Economics.