GenerAction: It’s time to rewrite the future

We‌ are living in a moment that will define our generation.

Conflict, Covid-19, climate change, and their economic aftershocks, threaten our future, our security, and our hopes for progress and equality. Without action, millions of people will face extreme poverty and hunger. Millions more will continue to be denied access to basic healthcare like vaccines and medicines, putting lives at risk from preventable, treatable diseases.

It is easy to feel helpless. But despite the challenges, we have all been inspired by people in our own communities and around the world who have refused to be beaten by these challenges, and instead have rallied and led the fightback in their communities and countries – helping those around them to survive, recover and rebuild.

Together, they are GenerAction. These are people of all ages, and from all parts of our societies – bound together by a determination to find a way through these different crises and build a better future. Because the only antidote to crises is action.

They have shown that we can all play a role in this fight back, but we also urgently need our leaders to follow this example and take a stand. It’s time for them to start to follow the lead set by ordinary people around the world – and deliver the urgent steps needed to lead the world through these challenges.

In particular, we are calling on leaders to take urgent action at the G7 Summit later this month to respond to the converging crises and rebuild our world for the better.

Here’s a quick list of what activists are asking leaders to do:

Rewrite the rules on global health and fight back against all diseases

  • End the threat of Covid-19 by fully funding efforts to get vaccines, tests, and medicines everywhere, not only in the wealthiest countries
  • Support a temporary suspension of intellectual property (TRIPS), allowing countries to make their own Covid-19 vaccines, tests and medicines
  • Fully fund the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria

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Rebuild the global economy so it works for everyone

  • Protect aid budgets to ensure we can address the converging crises everywhere
  • Use every tool available to make sure every country can recover economically, including through debt relief and Special Drawing Rights (here’s a primer on what exactly those are)

Revive our planet and take decisive action to end the climate crisis

  • Deliver on the G7’s promise to invest $100 billion each year to help low- and middle-income countries tackle the climate crisis

Respond to the threat of famine

Think you fit the bill?

Because what the world needs more than ever is positive news stories that provide an antidote to the bleak reporting around conflict, Covid-19, climate change and the cost of living crisis. So we need more stories of GenerAction which will help to inspire leaders to act.

We would love to hear from people who might fit the bill for this campaign – the health workers, volunteers, activists, and entrepreneurs who are taking the future into their own hands – the action-takers who are delivering vital services and pressing for change in their local communities and countries.

If you consider yourself an action-taker, or if you know someone who is also refusing to break under these crises or the cycle of injustice that comes with them – rebuilding our world for the better, for everyone – then we’re calling on you to join GenerAction and make history.

Get in touch with ONE here if you think you have a story which fits the bill of GenerAction.


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