Membership terms and conditions

Thank you for your interest in joining Bond. Below are the details of the terms and conditions with which all members must comply.

Primary Contact

All Bond members must have a listed primary contact. The primary contact is Bond’s first point of contact within the member organisation. Its purpose is to disseminate news and update to colleagues to help their organisation get the best value for money out of its membership.

The primary contact will receive:

  • Information about their annual membership renewal
  • Details of outstanding invoices
  • A quarterly email detailing upcoming Bond activities, events and news and updates on Bond’s work
  • Occasional emails regarding the launch of new events, products and services
  • General membership information, e.g membership surveys or requests for contact information

Should the nominated user wish to no longer act as Bond’s primary contact, s/he must either edit the member profile by logging into the Bond website or contact Bond directly to inform of such a change.

Most senior contact

All members must have a most senior contact. This is usually the chief executive. The most senior contact enables Bond’s chief executive to speak directly to their peers and for appropriate senior-level opportunities to be communicated.

The senior contact will receive:

  • Monthly email from Bond’s chief executive or senior leadership team
  • Occasional special invites to events and senior-level meetings
  • Details of Bond’s AGM, including the full AGM papers
  • Information about their annual membership renewal

Should the nominated user wish to no longer be contacted be Bond, they must contact Bond directly to inform of such a change.

Voter contact

All full members of Bond have the right to vote at the AGM. On joining Bond, the most senior contact/chief executive becomes the Bond voter by default.

They will receive:

  • Full details about the AGM, including key deadlines and the AGM papers

Should the nominated voter wish for this role to be filled by an alternative colleague, they must contact Bond directly.

Agreement to guarantee £1

By becoming a member of Bond, the member agrees to pay £1 (one pound) towards Bond’s debts and liabilities in the event Bond is wound up. This is a company law requirement.

Bond Charter

Members agree to the common vision, purpose, values and principles of the Bond network outlined in the Bond Charter.