Learning from Consortia

This programme aims to improve international development practice by supporting and learning with UK Aid Connect consortia.

Diverse partnerships have the potential to deliver more effective development and humanitarian programmes, while achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Learning from Consortia programme brings together 13 consortia formed by diverse organisations to facilitate collective learning and support consortia to deliver their outcomes. The programme aims to learn from their experiences and insights to draw out good practice in consortium working, as well as helping donors understand how they can best support consortia.

The programme is led by Bond and The Partnering Initiative, along with an academic advisory board. The consortia are all supported by the UK’s Aid Connect funding stream. The programme is funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

Due to the FCDO’s recently announced cuts, the programme will be closing early. Read our statement here.

Our research approach

The programme supports the consortia to learn, adapt and work more effectively to achieve their development outcomes. This is focusing on five themes: consortium working, gender, innovation, community engagement and value for money.

Research is conducted through an iterative and participatory process. We draw on UK Aid Connect consortia experiences to rethink models and definitions of consortia working, and to support future policy and practice. The programme team includes thematic and academic advisers who are working with the consortia throughout, helping to enhance their work while guiding their research and conducting in-depth analysis.

The Learning from Consortia research approach: Identify models and definitions, Reflect on experiences, Redesign models and definitions, Strengthen capacity


We’ve produced a number of resources to support international development consortia to be more effective. Use the links below to access individual resources.



  • A review of the literature on working in consortia to deliver humanitarian and development programmes. It explores the current knowledge about consortia working, and the priorities for future research.
  • A report exploring whether the consortia found the Learning from Consortia programme’s health checks useful, and in what ways it helped them.
  • Case studies showing how the ACCESS and Inclusion Works consortia adapted and innovated to unexpected and challenging circumstances.
  • A report focusing on community engagement in UK Aid Connect consortia. It explores the varied approaches of community engagement in relation to consortia, and the diverse challenges faced by UK Aid Connect consortia when working with diverse communities.

Practical tools

  • An infographic presenting the ways UK Aid Connect consortia have adapted to Covid-19, and the challenges, benefits and the potential factors enabling adaptation.




UK Aid Connect consortia

The consortia and their focus are:



Download the map to see where the consortia have been working

*The PACE consortium is registered with the FCDO as ‘Effective approaches to ending the worst forms of child labour in fragile contexts (EAPAC)’

**The ASPIRE consortium is registered with the FCDO as ‘Building resiliency and gender equality of the most marginalised communities through multi-sector approaches to delivering quality sexual and reproductive health and rights’

The Learning from Consortia programme is funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). Due to the FCDO’s recently announced cuts, the programme will be closing early. Read our statement here.