Dr. Stellah Bosire

Doctor and co-executive director

UHAI - East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative

Dr. Stellah Bosire is a medical doctor by training and is currently the Co-Executive Director of the UHAI – East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative. UHAI the East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative is an indigenous activist fund which provides flexible, accessible resources to support civil society activism around issues of sexuality, health and human rights in the Eastern Africa region – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo – with a specific focus on the rights of sexual minorities and sex workers. UHAI EASHRI aims to build strong, diverse, and organized movements for change through grantmaking, capacity support, and convening. UHAI has supported transformative work as overturning oppressive laws like Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, seeding economic solutions for the poor and disenfranchised pursuing criminal prosecution of perpetrators of violence, and establishing community-run sexual health clinics when healthcare has been denied.

Dr. Bosire is a dedicated not-for-profit leader bringing diverse experience across multiple areas. She has proven success in grantmaking, contract and grant administration, financial management, and staff supervision. A talented manager and organizer, she is focused on developing and maintaining relationships with local, regional, and statewide NGOs, grassroots groups, and government agencies. She has expertise in providing development and technical assistance to a diverse range of community organizations and not-for-profit agencies. She has extensive experience working with communities from a broad spectrum of ethnic, social-economic, and political issues, and has a proven record of innovative program design and development.

Dr. Stellah is a Board Member of FCAA, a leading voice on philanthropic resources allocated to the global AIDS epidemic. We provide funders with the data necessary to make informed decisions on HIV/AIDS funding. In addition, we galvanize the philanthropic sector to work collaboratively, transparently, and urgently to drive robust, focused, funding for:

Stellah also serve in the Global Advisory Committee on Racial Diversity in and Global Initiatives hosted by Matahari Global Solution whose mandate is to: To build a vehicle for Black and Brown leadership to create institutional change in global health; Birthing global connectedness by consolidating around racial reckoning; Building power, collecting data, and feeding insights towards new cultural institutional policy; To erode white silence on racism in global health.
Prior to the above assignments, Dr. Bosire was CEO of the Kenya Medical Association. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Medicine and Surgery, a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management, and a Master of Science in Global Health Policy and is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Law(Hons) at The University of Nairobi. Her latest significant positions include Chairman of the National Gay, Lesbian Human Rights Commission of Kenya, Vice-Chairman of the HIV/AIDS Tribunal of Kenya, and she serves on the Board of Trustees for Carolina for Kibera.

In addition, Dr. Bosire is an Aspen Institute 2018 Fellow and was named as one of “40 Under 40” most influential women in Kenya to watch. 2019 Face of Science Awardee Kenya, to watch, 2019 Accountability International Awardee during the 2019 International Conference of HIV/AIDS and STIs in Africa; as well as Queen of England Point of Light Award in recognition of her work in gender, social justice, and human rights.