MzN International

MzN International is a social consultancy firm whose only priority is to help those who want to do good, better. Guided by a strict ethical code and a willingness to challenge conventional thinking, we work a bit differently to what many expect. We help purpose-led companies use their business as a force for good, supporting the SDGs, the planet, and its people.

Our services enable businesses to do well, do good - and do both better. We partner with leading non-profit and public organisations to deliver greater impact in the developing world by securing more funding, driving faster innovation, developing smarter strategies and building efficient, agile organisations.

We often combine our work with NGOs or other non-profit organisations to that of our private sector clients, maximising impact. We work in boardrooms, factories, country offices and refugee camps - helping leaders and their teams build a fairer, sustainable and better world. It all started in 2011, and we are now delivering impact across 50+ countries. Since 2018, we operate 100% carbon negative. Our digital infrastructure allows us to hire the best, most diversified talent, regardless of where they are located.