CM HR Consulting

We are a HR Consultancy dedicated to promoting a system of 'Fair Reward' across the organisations we work with. Our small team of experienced HR consultants specialise in helping SME's, NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) and INGOs (International Non-Government Organisations) find solutions to reward challenges. We can help with creating or updating strategic Reward Policies, creating salary scales, sourcing and analysing benchmarking data and making appropriate recommendations.

We can help with detailed Reward Analysis including:

  • Design of reward strategy
  • Organisational design
  • Pay Reviews
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Job evaluation
  • Benchmarking salaries either individually or across the whole organisation
  • Creation of salary structures
  • Presentations to Board, employee groups, key stakeholders
  • Coaching Senior Management on implementation of changes
  • Pay and Allowances for Global Roles